Adam Pippin

WorkSafe Saskatchewan Virtual Reality Experience (2015)

WorkSafe Saskatchewan had us concept and develop a memorable experience for patrons. A mobile work bench unfolds on site to create the experience of sliding a board into a table saw while a job site box opens up to present an Oculus virtual reality headset which, when worn, turns the simple work bench into a real table saw where the board goes out of control and your hand makes its way into the saw.

A fully custom setup modeled around popular Oculus demos which create a real sense of presence, this is something completely novel that kept the patrons engaged and amazed and created ambassadors out of every visitor on site - patrons recruiting more patrons just to see what we had to offer.

No buttons, no switches, no confusion. Everything is pre-wired and stored in foam cutouts. Simply supply power and the Oculus comes to life ready to create a memorable experience. Some custom soldered cabling and a full ventilation system allowed the creation of a truly polished product.

I did the initial research into virtual reality hardware and equipment and presented some concepts internally. Once we'd sold one to a client, this turned into one of the projects I was given the most control over from beginning through to the end. I worked with all the interested parties through all stages of development. I sourced the hardware and other components and created the mobile box for deploying the virtual reality experience to various sites including all physical modifications, electrical wiring, and other components.

interactive-exhibit virtual-reality