Adam Pippin

Business Solutions and Services

Club Vitals

SaaS ticketing solution for fitness clubs to track equipment maintenance and increase member happiness.

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Google AdWords

Providing AdWords management for clients and keeping them at the front of the curve.

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Hosting Services

Keeping everyone's business online, secure, and backed up doesn't need to be expensive.

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After over 20 years in business Captive felt it was time for a brand refresh.

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SaskTel Street Team

SaskTel's Street Team rebranded to appeal to a new generation of young adults.

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Cross Borders

Cross Borders wanted a brand and a website that could really show what sets them apart.

website 2013

Conexus FreeStyle Bird

Conexus wanted something simple and fun to carry the engagements from the event to the customers' homes.

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QC Kindness

Oak Park Living wanted to try and do something good for the community.

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Munro Homes

Munro Homes wanted a website that looked as polished as their homes are.

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Relocation One

Relocation One wanted a simple clean website with a concise message.

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Crown Investment Corporation

Crown Investment Corporation wanted a straightforward way to distribute information to Saskatchewan residents.

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Street Level Campaigns

Mysask411 Scavenger Hunt

Mysask411 wanted to raise brand loyalty with a street level contest for their fans.

website street-level sms contest 2014

SaskTel Frost Week

SaskTel wanted to add contesting to their street level campaigns at the University.

website street-level social-integration sms contest 2014

Mysask411 Text 2 Win

Mysask411 wanted to create engagement at events and collect customer demographics with SMS polling.

street-level sms contest 2014

Interactive Exhibits & Street Level

SaskTel infiNET Latency Demo

SaskTel wanted to provide users the chance to experience first hand the benefits of fiber optic networks.

interactive-exhibit 2014

SaskPower Ideal Home Display

SaskPower wanted to demonstrate some of the challenges of growing the power grid and how customers can help.

interactive-exhibit 2014

SaskPower Touch Screen Podiums

SaskPower wanted a way to seamlessly integrate educational experiences into their tradeshow exhibits.

interactive-exhibit 2014

WorkSafe Virtual Reality

WorkSafe Saskatchewan wanted people to experience first hand how easily things can go wrong at work.

interactive-exhibit virtual-reality 2015

Mosaic Moments

Mosaic wanted to send collect input from fans on the best way to give the old stadium a sendoff.

street-level 2015

SaskTel 25th Anniversary Quiz

SaskTel wanted a way to get people engaged with their 25th Anniversary of Wireless messaging.

street-level 2014