Adam Pippin

The High Level Answer

The two things that really define me both in my work and my personal life are my abilities as a generalist and a troubleshooter.

Troubleshooting and learning are inherently intertwined and a life lived striving to find and solve puzzles is one spent constantly learning and improving your understanding of the world around you. It's impossible not to become a generalist.

I don't always know what I'm doing, but my approach and methodology means that that isn't so important. I'm confident in my ability to figure it out.

The Non-Work Answer

I like bourbon, strong coffee, fast cars, guns, and mellow indie music.

I'll take a cold weather vacation over hot weather any day. While everyone else is jetting off to Mexico, you'll probably find me crawling around some backwoods Kentucky town or driving through flyover country.

I spent way too much money on a brand new sports sedan and within a month had started pulling pieces off of it to play with the wiring.

See some of the trouble I get up to as well as adorable photos of the dog and cat over on Instagram as @nucleardog as I try and figure out this newfangled social media thing the kids are on about these days.